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320 East 39th Street
New York, NY 10016
(39th St bet. 1st Ave & 2nd Ave.)
212- 867-5677
Fax: 212-697-6499


Misson of Rissho Kosei-kai Buddhist Organization

Our purpose is to provide a place for spiritual growth through the study and practice of Buddhist principles. We seek to support each other and our community in the development of awareness, compassion and peace.

Our goal is to have a teaching center where we can join with others to discover and celebrate spiritual growth. We endeavor to share our experiences with others to build a bond of integrity and strength within our community. A positive approach to learning that can be taken out into the world. Because we are all connected, we practice responsibility in all aspects of our lives. When you cast a stone into the water, the ripples extend far beyond the original action.

So, the effects of our actions often reach further than we realize. Through increased awareness and learning how to live in the moment, we have the chance to gain wisdom and compassion for ourselves and others. The path of Buddhism is inclusive and available to all.


Upcoming Events Rissho Kosei-kai Buddhist Center

Update: 01/29/2018

2/18(Sun) 1 PM Sunday Service

  1:30 pm Study session

2/11(Sun) 1 pm Nirvana Day Service


2/4(Sun) 1 pm Memorial service for Founder

  1:30 pm President Niwano guidance

12/17 1pm Sunday Service

  1:30 pm Cleaning/ End of year party

12/10 1pm Memorial Service for Co-Founder

  1:30pm President's Dharma Guidance

10/22 1pm Sunday Service/ Study session


10/15 35th Anniversary Ceremony at Stony Point Center


10/8 1 pm Sunday Service

  President's Dharma Guidance


10/1 Annual Memorial Day Ceremony for the Founder


7/23(Sun) 1pm Sunday Service


7/17(Mon) Urabon-e


7/16(Sun) Sunday Service

  Study Session

7/9 1pm Sunday Service/

  President's Dharma Guidance

5/21(Sun) 1pm Memorial Service for People of America


5/7(Sun) 1 pm Sunday Service

  1:30 Study Session
Kyoten Chapter 21
(The Divine Power of the Tathagata)

3/19(Sun) 1 pm Sunday Service

  1:30 pm Study Session

3/12 Sunday Service

  1:30 pm President's Dharma Guidance

3/5(Sun) 1 pm Ceremony for Anniversary of Rissho Kosei-kai's Founding


1/22(sun) - 31(Tue) Special Practice of the L.S. Chanting

  Sun,Sat 1pm / Weekday 9 am Japanese,7pm English
Chanting all chapters of L.S.

1/15(Sun) 1 pm The Eternal Buddha Shakyamuni Day

  1:30 pm Study Session

1/8(Sun) 1pm New Year Dharma Guidance


1/1(Sun) 1pm New Year's Day Service


12/18(Sun) 12 PM Cleaning 1 PM Sunday Service

  1:30 PM Study Session

12/11(Sun) 1 PM Enlightenment Day Service


11/20(Sun) 1 PM Sunday Service

  1:30 Study Session

11/13 (Sun) 1 PM Founder's Birthday Ceremony


10/30(Sun) 1 PM Sunday Service

  1:30 PM Hoza

10/16(Sun) 1PM Sunday Service

  1:30 PM President's Dharma Guidance

9/18(Sun) 1 PM Sunday Service/ Study Session

  1:30 PM Study Session by Rev. Kyoichi Sugino

9/11(Sun) 8:30 AM 9-11 Memorial Service

  Starting 8:30 AM to 1 PM
Please join us to offer flowers.
Flowers will be provided.

9/4(Sun) 1 PM Memorial Service for Founder

  1:30 PM President's Dharma Guidance

8/21(Sun) 1 PM Sunday Service

  1:30 pm Hoza
11/12 Founder's Birthday Ceremony
10/15 RKNY 35th Anniversary
6/30-7/2 Leader Seminar
6/11 Study Session
5/21 Memorial Service for People of America
Rissho Kosei-kai New York Center for Engaged Buddhism